A Reflection of My Former Life

img_0785I recently attended the funeral of lady who was beautiful inside and out. The one thing I kept hearing over and over was, “She lived life to the fullest.” Afterward, as I reflected on this, I wondered if people would be able to say that about me. Am I living life to the fullest, or am I just existing? I have to admit that right now, there are still some days that I wake up and just wait for the day to be over so I can go back to bed. Thankfully, those days are fewer and farther between now than they used to be.

This made me start thinking though. What does “living life to the fullest” really mean? For some, it means living a life of adventure. For others, it may mean living a life of service, or traveling, or having lots of fun…. I have good news for you – YOU get to decide what a full life means to you.

I don’t know about you, but one of the toughest battles I fight with fibromyalgia is the psychological one. It has been exceptionally tough mentally to go from a strong person who was involved in everything to a person who can’t even mop my own floor without wondering if I’m going to have to pay for it later. Sometimes I feel as if my life now is only a reflection of the life I used to have. One thing I’ve had to realize, though, is that I can’t compare my life now to the life I had before fibromyalgia, and I definitely can’t compare it to others’ lives. When I think about living life to the fullest, these are the things I need to ask myself:

  • Am I doing the things I know I can do to feel better?
  • Am I engaging with others rather than isolating myself?
  • Am I using this “down time” to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally?
  • Am I using the unique gifts God has given me to bless others, even if it’s in a way that’s different than I’m used to?

If I can answer yes to these questions, I believe I can say I am indeed living life to its fullest, right now, in this season of my life.

Maybe your full life now doesn’t look the same as it did before fibromyalgia, or maybe it doesn’t look the way others’ lives look, but it’s YOUR life, your own special gift. Let’s unwrap our gifts and enjoy them!




  1. I love the questions you ask yourself that defines your life as being fulfilled. I recently did the same, choosing questions I now must answer with-in the limitations of my fibromyalgia. Some I am fulfilling, others need a little work. Socialization and religion are lagging behind the others. But I will get there! Thanks for sharing this! ~Kim

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