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I know that a healthy diet is essential to living well, especially when you are living with fibromyalgia or other types of chronic pain, but sometimes I just don’t feel like spending an hour or two in the kitchen. That’s why one of the action steps I listed in my post The Plan under the Healthy Diet category was to include plans for easy meals that don’t require much prep work.

Enter the rotisserie chicken. This is one of my favorite meal starters. You know what I’m talking about – those rotisserie chickens in the deli section of your local grocery that smell so good they drive you crazy while you’re shopping….. I try to get the organic ones when they have them, but I’ve only found one store that carries them, and you have to get there soon after they put them out or you’re out of luck. Anyway, they’re very versatile, and depending on how many people are in your family, you may be able to get a couple of meals out of them. I thought I’d share a few of the ideas I came up with….


  1. Use it “as is” and pair it with roasted red potatoes and your favorite green veggie or salad.
  2. Make a salad your meal – just cube up the chicken and combine it with your favorite salad fixings and voila! dinner’s done.
  3. Use cubed chicken and your favorite crust (ready-made or homemade) to make a healthy flatbread. Note: Before I was gluten-free, I used to love to use whole-wheat naan as the base for flatbreads. Some great topping options to go with the chicken are spinach and artichoke, pico de gallo, pesto and tomatoes, or roasted veggies, and of course, you might want to finish it off with a sprinkle of your favorite cheese.
  4. Slice the chicken and use it to make paninis with spinach and roasted red pepper or tomato and basil, etc.
  5. Cook your favorite pasta or veggie noodle, then add leftover roasted vegetables, cubed chicken, a little good-quality olive oil, your favorite fresh herbs, and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese for a one-bowl meal.
  6. Slice or shred the chicken and use it in wraps. You could either use a wrap or tortilla, or you could use any leaf-type lettuce for the wrap.
  7. Make a “Moe’s®” or “Chipotle®” -style burrito bowl. Shred the chicken, and layer it with rice, black beans, lettuce, salsa, guacamole… whatever you want to put in it.

What are some of your go-to meals when you need something quick and easy?




  1. Love your ideas. Yum. I’m also a fan of the rotisserie chicken! There is a minute rice called healthy grain rice with quinoa that I’ll add chicken to. Super simple! Oh and just found a New Orleans red bean and rice by -Vigo – I think is the name. That is to die for! Adding chicken is yummy. -Kim

      1. Yours looks a bit yummier! Mine are for the flare with the fog days! just call the hubby, grab a chicken on your way home from work! He knows what it means! love that chicken tho- so moist! ~Kim

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