What If?


What if?….. Two small words with incredible power.

The power to create and potential to destroy.

Used positively, this small phrase can challenge the status quo, provide a springboard for great ideas, and fuel the creative processes that can change the world…. What if we find a better way? What if we improve this process?

Conversely, this very same phrase used negatively has the potential to keep us from living the life we were put on this earth to live.

Unfortunately, I spend quite a bit of time in the land of “what if?”. What if I start this exercise program and am too sore to teach? What if I go out somewhere alone and feel too bad to drive home? What if I sign up to help with _______________ and then can’t make it?

-What if I fall-Oh, but my darling...what if you fly---Erin HansonAs anyone with fibromyalgia knows, there are definitely concerns that we need to address, and I’m not minimizing that, but if we spend too much time asking “what if” we may never get around to actually living. If we think about all the things that could go wrong, we may talk ourselves out of ever doing anything.

So how do we combat this? Here are a few things I’ve found helpful:

  • Take small steps — When I go out alone, I usually try to limit my stops to two or three places so I don’t run out of energy.
  • Do things you know you can do — I don’t volunteer for physically demanding activities; instead, I stick to things like volunteering to do administrative work
  • Guard your schedule — I know about how long I can stay out or how much I can do before I’m a wreck, so I plan accordingly, and say “no” to other things that come up.

Having a plan to deal with the things I know could cause issues helps me to have confidence that I can get out into the world and contribute. I don’t have to become stuck in the land of “what if” because potential problems have already been addressed.

Let’s ask “what if?” but ask it in a way that helps us move forward, not in a way that holds us back.

What if we find ways to help us feel better?

What if we help others by sharing what we’ve learned?

What if we really get out there and LIVE?




  1. What if … that day never comes? It was taught to me positively to assist me dispose of clutter! Don’t save things for “what if”? Makes perfect sense why “what if” would be a positive for us Fibro Warriors. Great post Terri! Enjoyed it a lot! ~Kim

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