hands forming heart; What's Your Favorite...? Photo courtesy of Canva; https://reclaiminghopewellness.com

What’s Your Favorite…. 12/8/17

hands forming heart; What's Your Favorite...? Photo courtesy of Canva; https://reclaiminghopewellness.com

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great week!

We didn’t get a lot of suggestions for staying on our healthy eating plan last week, so we may have to put on our stretchy pants and hope for the best. :o)

This week, I was thinking about how we can make things a little easier on ourselves when we have limited energy and lots to do. With that in mind, your question for this week is…..

What’s your favorite cleaning “hack”?

Do you have a tip for making cleaning faster and easier? Please share!

I hope you have a great weekend!






  1. After I take my shower, rather than leaving my damp towel in the hamper upstairs I take it with me and use it to quickly wipe down the stair steps as I go. Keeps the dust bunnies from the steps and since I was walking down the stairs anyway why not wipe them as I go! Additionally, that damp towel gets washed sooner and doesn’t start a sour smell among the other items in the hamper upstairs.

  2. I love Swiffer dusters. Just a quick swipe and dust is gone. It even works well between things.

    I have hardwood floors. I also now have a Hoover Linx. It’s a small vacuum and you can get it either with a cord or without. I can vacuum my rugs and my floors in 10 to 15 minutes to keep dust and dirt up. I also have a Dyson for deeper vacuuming but the Linx is great for in between and flour/sugar spills. They are $60-70 on Amazon. Then when it comes time to actually washing the floors it makes it go a lot faster cause there’s not as much crap around. I try to do that every day or every other day because when you go to vacuum something you naturally have to pick a few things up along the way. It makes things a lot easier. But then again I have four boys and I also have them do a ton of chores to help out as well.

    1. I would hate to have to live without Swiffer dusters. They do a great job of picking up the dust and like you said, you can get between things with them.
      Thanks for sharing these tips! I’ve never heard of the Linx. That’s the reason I wanted to start this…..

      1. I like it because it’s inexpensive and lightweight. I keep it in my pantry for kitchen spills and such. But it’s faster than a broom and gets more stuff up. I have the corded one now. I had the battery one a while ago but they didn’t make it across everything. The cords are long enough and help keep consistent power. It has a canister you empty as opposed to a bag

  3. Another cleaning hack I learned from a cleaning lady was keep your mirrors and glass on pictures clean. Even if you swiffer the dust off of them. The sparkle on those make the house look and feel cleaner than if they were dusty.

  4. My all time cleaning hack is to hire it done. We have a 720 sq ft house so there’s not that much to clean even with a big dog and two cats. I’m in a state run program that allocates an annual sum that I can use however I want. I use it for weekly cleaning and bimonthly massage. It takes less than an hour and a half to clean the entire house.

    1. That’s what my husband said this morning Ellie! It’s nice that you’re able to have someone come in to help you out, and the bimonthly massage sounds great! Thanks for sharing – have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I always start off cleaning the house by vacuuming first. That always stirs up dust so when I got to dust the living room, I get all the dust easily! As crazy as it may sound, the kitchen is the other room that is easiest, probably because I just do not cook often! Speaking of cleaning, that is on my list for the rest of the weekend! I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Alyssa! I’ve always wondered which is more efficient, vacuuming first or dusting first… I’ve always dusted first, thinking that if dust went onto the floor I could then vacuum it up. I may have to experiment with vacuuming first…. I hope you have a great weekend as well!

      1. You are welcome! I only vacuum first because I always see a lot of dust coming from the floor and then it gets all over the place. But, I think the best way to clean depends on preferences! I would rather have a cleaning person come to my house:)!!

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