hands forming heart; What's Your Favorite...? Photo courtesy of Canva; https://reclaiminghopewellness.com

What’s Your Favorite….? 12/29/17

hands forming heart; What's Your Favorite...? Photo courtesy of Canva; https://reclaiminghopewellness.com

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe it’s the LAST Friday of the year??? Yikes!!! Where did this year go?

Thanks for sharing your favorite Christmas cookies last week! You made me want cookies I hadn’t even thought about for years. :o) I thought we’d do another “just for fun” question this week too:

What’s your favorite way to “ring in” the new year?

I’m looking forward to seeing your answers!




    1. Your evening sounds a lot like mine. I always make snacks, we watch a couple of movies, and then watch the ball drop in Times Square. Sometimes my hubby has to wake me up to watch the ball drop; I have been known to doze off before midnight.😄 I hope this upcoming year is a wonderful one for you!

  1. Must admit I’ll be a boring homebunny again. NYE is just a regular day for me, then a few drinks in the evening with leftover Christmas snacks and chocs while watching some NY-themed TV (like Jools Holland) before for the London Big Ben fireworks at 12 (I often find this display quite inspirational and motivational to watch, but it really does depend on the music they choose). How about you, Terri? I hope you have a lovely time ringing in the New Year 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. Thanks for sharing Caz. We always spend ours quietly also. I make snacks, and we watch movies until time for the ball to drop in Times Square. We watch the countdown to usher in the new year – I don’t know why we do it every year, but there’s just something about saying goodbye to the old year and hello to the new. I hope this coming year is your best yet!

  2. Quietly. Kevin and I and the kitties, eating a nice meal in front of the fire, and watching the Seattle Space Needle fireworks – if we don’t fall asleep first!

    1. Celebrating quietly seems to be pretty popular, and that’s what we do as well. I had to laugh when I read, “if we don’t fall asleep first “ because I’ve done that more than once! Hope this coming year is a fantastic one for you!

  3. My favorite way to ring in the new year is at home with my husband. I do not really like going out because it really can be kind of dangerous and I am just not a party girl, I know I am kind of boring!!!

    1. If it makes you feel any better Alyssa, that seems to be the most popular way to spend it according to the folks who’ve answered so far.😊 We’re not boring, we’re just happy to spend time with loved ones.😊 I hope this upcoming year is a great one for you!

      1. Thank you!! Everyone I work with tease me saying that I act like an old lady and I am boring. I prefer to spend my evenings at home where it is comfortable with my husband and cats!! I hope the upcoming year is wonderful for you as well!!!!

  4. When I was younger I used to love going to a party or late dinner. Since having kids, my husband and I enjoy staying at home (kids sound asleep) and enjoying home made snacks with a bottle of bubbly. I can’t imagine having to get dressed up to go out on NYE now! Times do change.

    1. Times (and preferences) definitely do change, don’t they? It seems a lot of us have traded in our party shoes for a much calmer celebration now.😊 I hope the upcoming year brings you much love and happiness!

    1. That sounds like a lot of fun! My husband and I have snacks, watch stupid movies that make us laugh, watch the countdown in Times Square and like you, crash right after midnight.😊 Hope your upcoming year is your best yet!

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