You Behind The Illness….Told In 4’s

You Behind The Illness

Thank you to the lovely Kim at Keep It Mindful for tagging me for this challenge! As someone who mostly blogs about living with fibromyalgia, I appreciate the opportunity to talk about things that have nothing to do with illness sometimes and this is a fun way to do it!

So here’s a little about me, in fours, of course:

Places I've Lived


Four Places I’ve Lived: 

North Carolina





USAF Retired


Four Places I’ve Worked:

Grocery Store

US Air Force

Local Government

Fitness Clubs


Garden (1 of 1)


Four Favorite Hobbies:



Making Jewelry



Four Things I like to Watch:

NCIS (All of them!)

This Is Us

The Walking Dead


Four Things I Like to Read:

The Bible

Wellness/Fitness articles, journals, books



Places I've Been

Four Places I’ve Been:






Ice Cream Sundaes


Four Things I Love to Eat:




Ice Cream! (Sorry, I couldn’t limit my favorites to just four….)



Four Favorite Things to Drink:



Hot Tea

Iced Tea



Four Places I Want to Visit:


Sea Turtle Rescue

New Zealand


Four Bloggers I’d Like to Tag:

Kim at I Tripped Over A Stone

Caz at Invisibly Me

Jo Ann at Fearless In Jesus Christ

Claire at Pain Pals

I tried to choose bloggers to tag who haven’t been tagged for this yet. Since everything is in fours, I could only tag four people, but if any of you would like to join in, please do. It would be fun to learn a little more about each other!





  1. Congrats on the tag – I will have to get my answers ready for the next week! Thank you, Terri. I’ve recently starting watching This Is Us, too, so far so good! 🙂
    Caz x

  2. Oh my goodness you have lived an exciting life. The places you have lived 😍😍I can’t believe you were in the us Air Force 😱 nice to know a bit more about you x x

    1. Thanks Ellie – it is! My husband built it for me. Five years ago when we moved into our home, we started with the two small boxes which hold blueberry bushes and asparagus, and one longer box. The next year he added the other two long ones and we fill them up every year.😄

  3. I loved learning more about you! That is so wild that you lived in North Carolina, that is where I currently live!! But you have lived and been to some amazing places!!! I hope you have a great weekend!!!

      1. That is so wild that I somehow met someone else that lived in NC! I am glad that I have been able to get to know you. You have lived an amazing life!!!! I hope you have a great weekend as well!!!

    1. We just watched the episode last night that we had recorded from Sunday, and my husband said, “This might be the best show ever made.” I completely agree with him! It’s just such a realistic portrayal of families and the struggles we all go through. The circumstances aren’t exactly the same, but I think we can all relate to the feelings they experience. I hope you get to see the next season soon!

      1. Yes it does seem to touch upon universal feelings we can all relate to. My husband loves it too, which is quite unusual for him. It seems to appeal to a lot of people. I can’t wait for the next season!

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