Kim’s Q.3 Challenge!


I was tagged by the lovely Kim at I Tripped Over A Stone for what she’s calling the Q.3 Challenge. I’m sure a lot of you have been involved in the Three Quotes in Three Days Challenge. Well, Kim gave it a little makeover and decided we should do all three quotes and nominate three people all in one post. Thanks for thinking of me Kim, and here are three quotes that stay in the forefront of my mind:
A reminder that we can create the future we want to have
A reminder that how I live matters
A reminder that we can speak love and life into the lives of others

Thanks for thinking of me Kim — I love quotes, so this was a fun one for me to do!

For my nominees, I’d like to nominate any of you who would like to participate! I know a lot of you have done this already so probably don’t want to repeat it. If you haven’t and would like to do so, please consider yourself tagged! I know some of you have some great inspirational/motivational quotes to share!





    1. Thanks so much Kim! The Help has to be one of my favorite books. I don’t care how many times I read it, I still enjoy it each time. Thanks for the follow – I look forward to getting to know you!

      1. The Help is on my list to read. I admit to watching the movie first, not knowing there was book at the time 🙂
        You’re welcome and same to you.

  1. These are brilliant choices! I love the concept of creating your own future, it really gives us a little power back in how we live our lives. And Terri, you is definitely important!  ♥
    Caz x

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