A Time For Change: Help Make This The Resource You Want https://reclaiminghopewellness.com

A Time For Change: Help Make This The Resource You Want

As I looked out my kitchen window this morning, drinking in the sight of the trees in all their glory, I started thinking about how those trees change with the seasons, and how each change plays its part in their growth. If they’re not undergoing some type of change, they’re most likely dead. Even the evergreens, though their foliage might not look any different on the outside, undergo changes as they grow and reproduce.

A Time For Change: Help Make This The Resource You Want https://reclaiminghopewellness.com

That led me to thinking about this blog and whether, like those trees, it needs to undergo some changes. Is it serving the purpose it needs to serve?

I have a sign hanging on the bulletin board over my desk that says, “Be the resource you wish you had.” I put it up there soon after I started this blog, because I wanted a reminder of why I was doing this to begin with.

There’s only one problem with this little sign – this blog doesn’t need to be the resource I wish I had; it needs to be the resource you wish you had. This thought really hit home the other day when I was answering the questions for the Your Fibro Questions Answered feature. I realized that people who are looking for answers don’t necessarily have the same needs or preferences I have.

I know the types of blogs I like to read, and which type I find the most helpful, but this blog isn’t for me. My entire reason for starting it was so that hopefully, I could help others living with fibromyalgia or other chronic illness, wherever they might be on their journey.

In order to do that, I realize I may need to make some changes. Obviously, I’m not planning to change everything I’m doing, and it would be a gradual process, but I really want to provide the information people want and need.

The problem then becomes, “but how do I know what people who visit my blog need?” You guys know me well enough by now to know that I always use the simple approach – so I figure I’ll just ask.

That’s where you come in. You could really help by providing some insight into what you, the wonderful people who take the time to read what I’m writing, would like to see here.

Here are a few questions for you:

  • What types of posts do you find most helpful?
  • Which are your favorite ones to read?
  • Would you like to see more research-based posts?
  • Do you find general wellness posts (such as the Wellness Wednesday posts) helpful?
  • What are the most pressing issues/challenges you experience with your chronic illness?
  • What do you search for most often when you’re researching your illness?
  • What have I forgotten to ask?

I know you don’t have time to answer all these questions – you’re busy people – but if there are questions that strike a chord with you, or certain things you’d like to see on here, please let me know. My goal is to make this the resource you want!




  1. When I open my email, i immediately scroll down, delete advertisements, and notifications not needing further attention, and look for blogs that mean the most to me. Your blog is one of the latter – always relevant and informative. I come away knowing I am not alone. I am interested in knowing what others are doing to cope, treatments they are trying, recipes, and general tips and ideas for living with Fibro (and ME).

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, and for your input V.J.! It really helps to know what people are looking for, and you’ve given me some great ideas. Hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs!

      1. Ugh….same thing here. We usually go vote very early in the morning but we’re trying to wait this out….it’s supposed to be gone by early afternoon. That way, I can probably talk my husband into taking me for BBQ after we do our civic duty.😁

  2. Unless you’ve seen your stats decline Terri, I wouldn’t change anything…don’t fix what’s not broken! I think by you making this blog “Be the resource you wish you had.” you automatically make it the resource I wish I had. I come back because I like and enjoy your voice and you have created a place where people feel comfortable sharing and asking. Xx

    1. Aww, Marie, you’re too kind! I haven’t seen a decline or anything – I just want the blog to be a positive place for people to come learn, share, and know they’re not alone. Thanks so much for your kind words. Hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs!

  3. Terri…………I love your blog………..you have been such an inspiration to me and I appreciate the friendship you have shown to me. Blessings to you!

    1. Wendi, as always you’re far too kind! I appreciate you too, more than you know. Blessings to you. too, sweet friend! Have a fabulous day! Sending hugs….

  4. You have forgotten to ask, “What does Terri want to do?” This is your blog, your personal space to share something with the world, and while it’s incredibly generous and thoughtful to be so considerate of what’s helpful to others, please make sure you’re fulfilling your own needs and wants here, too.
    Personally, I love to hear more about you personally and how you are, and I love the Wellness Wednesday posts. I’m a sucker for research-based stuff so I wouldn’t mind more of that. Practical advice on life and general wellbeing, inspiration and motivation, all get a thumbs up. More than anything, what you give Terri is more than the specific content. You’ve created a community here and you’re always so compassionate, empathic and warm towards others, and that is priceless. You are priceless 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. Aww, Caz, you’re always such an encouragement to me – YOU are the one who is priceless! Thanks so much for your kind words, and for your input. I really appreciate knowing what is most helpful for people so I can write about the things that matter most. As far as my needs go, by posting things that help others, I’m fulfilling my own needs as well. I’ve often said that ever since I retired from the military, I hadn’t felt I had done anything ‘important’ with my life. Having the opportunity to help others as they find their way through this life with chronic illness has given me a renewed sense of purpose. What could be better? I love the community we have here – you have all become treasured friends that I always look forward to ‘seeing’. I really do appreciate your input to help me make things better. Have a fantabulous day sweet friend! Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much Brigid – you are far too kind! I just want to make this a resource and positive ‘gathering place’ for people. Have a wonderful day, dear friend! Hugs!

  5. I like your personal style and your personal story. We can read about research and find treatments that might or might not work or become affordable. In the end, peer support is often our best resource and help. So I’d simply say, keep doing your own thing. It’s great.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and your input George! I love what you said about peer support being our best resource and help. I know I’ve found that to be true. I hope you and Sandy are doing well. I’ve been thinking about you guys – I hadn’t seen any posts from you in a while. Blessings to you both!

  6. Keep on keeping on Terri, those of us who follow you enjoy YOUR journey & glean what we may find relates to us from that. Don’t lose the Terri out of Terri, Reclaiming Hope ;-D

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement Jennifer! I’m glad you’ve joined me for the journey. My desire really is to help others going through some of the same things I am. Blessings to you!

  7. You are wise to ask questions, and what have I forgotten to ask is a great question! Your blog helps me from outside the fibromyalgia world to better understand and emphasize with those who I know who struggle with it. The best teacher is sometimes the one who has or is still walking through the same fire!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment Jeff! Fibromyalgia is such a misunderstood syndrome – those of us who have it don’t even understand what’s happening to our bodies sometimes – it’s good to know I can help promote empathy outside the fibromyalgia community. Thanks for your encouragement!

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