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Let’s Talk About Emotional Wellness

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday everyone! This week I thought we’d talk a little bit about Emotional Wellness.

So exactly what is Emotional Wellness?

According to SAMHSA (the developers of the Wellness Wheel pictured above), Emotional wellness is “coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships.”  The National Institutes of Health adds that it’s “the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times.” The University Of California, Riverside defines it as “the ability to be aware of and accept our feelings, rather than deny them, have an optimistic approach to life, and enjoy life despite its occasional disappointments and frustrations.”


Emotional wellness isn’t just some level we obtain and then never have to worry about again. It’s a continuing process of checking in with ourselves, making sure we’re where we need to be, and if not, determining what needs to be done to get us there.

Here are some questions we can ask ourselves to help us determine how we’re doing with our Emotional Wellness:

  • Am I able to maintain a balance between work, family, friends, and other obligations?
  • Do I have close relationships with people who are a positive influence in my life?
  • Do I have a stress reduction “toolkit” – things that help me deal with stress? (For some stress reduction suggestions, check out 10 Tips For Managing Stress.
  • Am I able to accept responsibility for my actions?
  • Am I able to set priorities?
  • Is stress affecting my attitude, relationships, or health?

Checking in and asking these questions from time to time can help us know if we’re where we want to be with our Emotional Wellness.

Sometimes it just needs a little tweaking for us to be where we need to be.

Strategies for Improving Emotional Health

If that’s the case, the National Institutes Of Health has a great Emotional Wellness Toolkit. This includes 6 Strategies for improving Emotional Health:

Brighten your outlook.

Reduce stress.

Get quality sleep.

Cope with loss.

Strengthen social connections.

Be mindful.

For each of these strategies, they provide printable checklists  with suggestions for how we can improve in each area. If our Emotional Wellness just needs some small adjustments, this is an extremely helpful tool to help us get where we want to be.

There are other times, however, when we experience emotional distress. In these cases, we need to ask for help from certified professionals. It’s important that we know the difference between normal “bumps in the road” with our Emotional Wellness and when we need to ask for help.

One way of determining this is looking for signs of emotional distress.

Signs of Emotional Distress

Here are just some of the signs the Joint Services Support website lists as signs of emotional distress:

  • Inability to eat, sleep, or concentrate
  • Negative outlook or depression
  • Hypersensitivity to perceived threats, unexplained suspicion or fear
  • Irritability, inability to control anger
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Fearfulness, nervousness, or anxiety
  • Feeling emotionally numb or detached

Please visit their website to see the complete list. If you or someone you love is experiencing any of these signs of emotional distress, please reach out for help. You never have to suffer alone.

We live in such a fast-paced world that it’s easy for our Emotional dimension of wellness to suffer. By checking in with ourselves from time to time and taking steps to make sure we’re doing well with this dimension, we can catch any problems early and hopefully, nip them in the bud.

Do you ever do an Emotional Wellness check-in with yourself? What do you find most helpful for keeping you emotionally well? Please share!









  1. This is something I struggle with abit, but I love the little Emotional Wellness Toolkit with the flip cards. 🙂 It’s something I am constantly aware I need to work on, but I do keep adding to my own little toolkit for it. 🙂 xxx

    1. Thank you for sharing Heather! In this day and age, unfortunately, I think a lot of us struggle with emotional health. I’m glad you’ve got your toolkit to help you when you need a “tune-up.” I’m glad you liked the NIH Toolkit also. I thought it was very helpful. Hugs to you and Dizzy!

  2. I liked this post Terri. That’s something that I do have trouble with. Trying to maintain a sense of emotional wellness with all the chaos around me. Good tips for strengthening our emotional health. Now I just need to follow it.

    1. Thank you so much Mark! As I said to Heather, I think a lot of us struggle with Emotional Wellness with everything going on in the world today, and as you said, “all the chaos.” I hope you were able to find some things that help. Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you so much Wendi! I think getting where we want to be with Emotional Wellness is an ongoing thing. It’s easy to fall into bad habits and “stinking thinking” (as Zig Ziglar calls it) so it’s just something we have to be aware of and work on. Sending you warm hugs sweet friend!

  3. This is such an important post! As you know, I went through some trauma last year, it put me into emotional distress and I sought out help. However, the emotional wellness steps are definitely things I need to ‘practice’ to enhance my feelings of overall mental well-being. Than you Terri for this information. May I share this post with our fibro group and on Stone in the Road? 😊

    1. Thank you so much Kim! I’m so glad you were able to recognize that you needed help and reach out for it. So often we think we have to “be strong” and do it on our own, but my feeling is that if you had a broken bone, you’d get help for that. Why would you not get help for an emotional issue as well? I’m so thankful you’re doing so much better. I’m glad you found this useful, and of course you’re more than welcome to share it! Sending hugs sweet friend!

      1. Kim, I’m going to have to figure this out…. I didn’t see a reblog button either, and when I went into my settings to add it again, there wasn’t even one there to add…. Maybe WordPress is doing something funky again. I’ll keep working on it. Thanks so much for sharing it with our group! Stay warm!

  4. Emotional wellness is so important not just for our mental health but physical health also, especially where the likes of stress is concerned. I think that practicing being more mindful can also help us do this kind of check in with ourselves, to see what’s working well and what could benefit from being tweaked. Another fantastic post, Terri!
    Caz xx

    1. Thanks so much Caz! You’re so right — it seems study after study shows the effect of chronic stress on our physical health. You make a great point about practicing being more mindful too. We can’t fix an issue we’re not aware of…. Blessings to you sweet friend!

    1. Thank you Mishka! I’ve been thinking of and praying for you this week. Sending warm hugs your way!

  5. Terri, I am so sorry for my late response. Lord knows life hasn’t been at all easy for me lately and your post, as always was far behind TRUE! Reading this has helped me so much and I thank you for your wise words! You are truly amazing and have so much honest knowledge!

    1. Oh Alyssa, I’m so sorry things haven’t been going well for you lately. I haven’t seen your posts come across my reader lately – I’ll pop over to your blog later to say hi and catch up. I’m glad you found this helpful, dear friend. I wish I had the knowledge you’re giving me credit for, but most of the time, it’s just that I’ve curated others’ knowledge to help us all out. I really hope things get better for you soon. Sending lots of love and hugs!

  6. Hi Terri, great to meet you. I am creating my own emotional tool kit to help stay centered during the stressful storms. Breathing, meditation, exercise, positive thoughts. . . happy to have stumbled upon your blog. You are helping people become more aware of how our emotions can be of benefit and when left unchecked a detriment.

    1. Hi Madeline, I’m so sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. Somehow your comment ended up in my spam folder and I just saw it today.

      An emotional toolkit is so important, isn’t it? I’m glad to hear that you’re working on yours. It sounds like you have some fabulous tools in there already.

      I’m so happy to meet you, and I look forward to getting to know you better! Blessings to you!

  7. I’m guaranteed an interesting and informative post everytime I visit Terri. I’ve seen others mention, to ‘bookmark’ these posts…any tips on how to bookmark would be welcome, although I overcome it by just remembering to visit and catch up!

    1. Thank you so much Marie – you’re far too kind! I’m not sure how to bookmark posts — there used to be a “Save” option for a while, but I haven’t seen that on posts lately…. Looking forward to catching up with you this week, dear friend!

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