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Daffodils and Fibromyalgia: Lessons from Spring’s Early Bloomer

How are you feeling today? my husband asked. Well, I haven’t cried today, so that’s an improvement, right?

It had been a rough several days. As I wrote about in Is Your Chronic Illness Hiding A Problem?, I had a skin biopsy done a while back, and it turned out to be a squamous cell carcinoma. This particular flare started after I had it removed last Thursday, and was compounded by several pieces of sad news and worry about our sick pup.

Although I was able to get some things accomplished, I was mostly just waiting for the days to be over so I could go back to bed.

The day after my husband and I had this conversation, I woke up feeling back to my normal.

Signs of Life

We went out into the back yard later in the morning and I noticed we had several clumps of daffodils blooming already. They’re my favorite flower — they always remind me that Spring is just around the corner, but they also remind me of new life.

If you’ve ever planted daffodils, you’ve probably noticed that the bulbs really don’t look like much. They remind me a little of dried-up little onions. During the difficult times, our lives, like those bulbs, may not look like much, but they are filled with potential. During different seasons, our lives may change shape, they may look different than we thought they would look, but they can still become something beautiful.

You plant daffodils in the Fall when the weather is starting to get cooler, and they sit in that cold, dark dirt waiting for the time to sprout and come up into the light of day. They require that period of dormancy to become stronger and more ready for the world.

When they start to sprout and grow, the soil is often still cold and they have to fight their way up, but they persevere, break through the soil, and become some of the first flowers to welcome Spring.

When we live with Fibromyalgia or another chronic illness, we often feel we’re buried in that cold, dark dirt like those daffodils. Worse than that, sometimes we feel more dirt is being shoveled on top of what we’re already buried under. It feels like we’re going to be in that cold, dark place forever.

I know that’s how I’ve felt over the last week or so. Then of course, I shovel my own dirt on my head by feeling guilty for giving in to my pain and sadness when so many people have far worse circumstances to deal with.

Just like those daffodils, though, one day we realize we can see just a little bit of sunshine making its way through the soil, and we climb toward that sunshine. Before we know it, we’re able to turn our faces up into the sun.

Our “blooming” in the warm sunshine may not last for long sometimes, and there may be times we need to just hunker down and take advantage of that dormant state to rest and repair. What we need to remember during those times is that although we may feel as if nothing good is happening, we’re giving our bodies a chance to rest, gaining strength, and maybe even finding renewed purpose through our struggles.

Spreading the Love

One thing about daffodils is that, if left to their own devices, they spread, multiplying year after year.

We have the same opportunity for the impact of our lives to spread. As we learn about our illnesses, encourage one another, and spread awareness of Fibromyalgia and other chronic, invisible illnesses, we’re in a unique position to positively impact the future for others.

Like those daffodils that signal new life after the long, cold winter, we can let others know that there is life — a good life — after a diagnosis of chronic illness. Regardless of our circumstances, we can thrive.

What helps you get through those times you feel you’ve been “planted”? Please share!











    1. Thank you so much – I really appreciate it! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  1. I love daffodils too! Now I know why… oh Terri, so sorry for what you’ve been going through… it seems to just pile on at times. I’m on my 5th day in bed! Pancreas issues and a flare to top it off. I have rescue drugs for the pain and my toolkit to occupy my mind. I made a password book out of an old journal… that has taken some time as I’m doodling little pics on each page. I’m so glad I wrote my blogs for this week, last week when I felt good. And the big news! I got an electric pencil sharpener! A no name battery and/or plug in… and I just sharpened 72 colored pencils in less than 3 minutes! Tah-dah! It’s a beautiful thing, Terri! I just pulled out a color book! This should be fun with freshly sharpened colors!😊💜

    1. I’m so sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time Kim. I know those pancreas issues can really knock you for a loop, even without the flare on top of it. I hope you’re able to get both things under control soon and get to feeling more like yourself. The password book is a really good idea, and I love the idea of you doodling on all the pages. There’s just something about a freshly sharpened pencil, isn’t there? You should be able to really enjoy your coloring now that your pencils are all ready to go. Feel better soon! Sending hugs!

  2. I’m sorry to hear what you are going through Terri. Life’s challenges are relentless at times. And then, daffodils, like hope, rise up and give us the boost we need. Amazing these spirits that keep us going.

    1. Thank you so much V.J.. We all face challenges from time to time, don’t we? Sorry for the delayed response. I’m back at the hospital with my Pop, so I haven’t even checked my account until now. Hope you’re doing well. Hugs!

  3. Terri, i am sending prayers of healing your way. i so wish i could type something that would make things better but know that i care and will pray. bless you.

    1. Thank you so much Wendi. I appreciate the prayers more than you know. Sorry for the delayed reply; I’m back at the hospital with my Pop and this is the first time I’ve been on here. Sending hugs!

  4. I am sorry that you have been feeling down Terri. Sometimes life’s challenges catch up with us and it is very necessary to just be kind to ourselves. Sending you healing thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much Brigid. We all have to deal with life’s challenges, don’t we? One thing that helps me, though, is that I know I’m going to learn something from it. Thanks so much for your kind words and healing thoughts!

  5. Oh Terri, I’m so sorry. You’ve had so much going on… Now that the cells have been removed, do you have the all-clear in that regard? And how’s your pup?  ♥

    I really like daffodils too, a sign of brighter days and spring around the corner, and so robust to wait and show themselves when they’re strong enough to. I love how you’ve linked that to managing, living and surviving with chronic illness and the challenges life throws our way.

    I’m so sorry I’m reading this post late, I want you to know I’m thinking of you and that I hope you’re okay (as okay as can be). Please know we’re all here, we all love you, we care. Sending lots of love and hugs xxxx

    1. Thank you so much Caz. I’m happy to report that I have the all-clear on the skin cancer front. The doctor said my concern level should be zero. My pup had an ultrasound on Friday and he either has severe pancreatitis or cancer. He’s going to have a little procedure tomorrow to find out which it is. Needless to say, we’re feeling heartbroken about that.
      You’ve been through more than your fair share of challenges lately too. I hope you’re feeling better. I’m back at the hospital with my Pop right now, so I’m behind on catching up with everyone.
      Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and sweet words. Sending lots of love and hugs back!

      1. How’s your pop doing? Spend time with your family and loved ones, take heart and comfort in them. Blogging can wait if you’re not up to it. I really, really do hope your furbaby’s procedure goes well tomorrow, my fingers will be crossed that they discover it’s actually something treatable, the poor thing. Sending hugs xxxxx

      2. He’s doing better now, thanks. He had surgery yesterday so he’s still not feeling great, but he’s improving. Thanks for the good wishes about my fur baby’s procedure. He’s there now. I hope you’re doing well sweet friend. Hugs!

  6. I just love reading your posts Terri. I learn something new each time. It’s very enlightening as well as educating. You really make it real easy to comprehend things that can sometimes be cluttered with terminology that flies over our head.

    1. Oh, Mark, thank you so much! I’m sorry for the delay in replying; I’ve been out of town again. I really appreciate your kind words. I’m often tempted to stop blogging because I’m not a *writer*, but then I’ll get a comment like this from a fabulous person like you and I realize that there’s a place for *sharing*-type people too. How is your fatigue? Have you been able to figure out what’s going on with that? I hope you’re doing better. Blessings to you!

      1. Stop that Terri. You are a writer! Please don’t stop blogging because you’re sharing of yourself to others and you’re helping your readers learn things that are not of common knowledge. As for my fatigue, my doctor was saying that it was just old age and the type of foods that I’ve been eating lately that was not beneficial for giving me energy. Thanks for asking.

      2. Thanks so much for your encouragement Mark! I’m glad to hear that your doctor doesn’t think anything serious is going on. I’ll just have to say welcome to the old folks’ club…. Who knew our bodies were going to change so much as we got older? I knew I wasn’t going to stay young forever, but I sure wasn’t prepared for how much things changed after I passed 50.😊 I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. What an interestinvl way to see our struggle, through the lifecycle of something as beautiful as a daffodil…I hope you allow yourself the dormant time you need Terri and flourish as a result! Xx

    1. Thank you so much Marie! I haven’t had any “dormant” time these last few weeks, but I’m still doing pretty well. I’m more than a little thrilled that warm days are just around the corner too. 😊 Sending hugs!

  8. What a lovely post, but I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough go. This year has been very rough for me too. I’m so behind on everyone’s blog posts so I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up but please know you’re in my thoughts. Hoping things turn around for the better very soon. 💕

    1. Thank you so much Mishka! I know you’ve had a rough year so far, and I think of you often, as I’m dealing with something similar to what you dealt with, with your sweet Kaiser. I hope things turn around for the better with you as well, sweet friend. Sending hugs!

    1. Awww….thank you so much Diane, both for your kind words and the nomination! I appreciate you thinking of me!

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