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WW Question – Preventive Screenings

Sooo…. Although last Wednesday’s post seems to have gone over like the proverbial lead balloon, I thought I’d give this a couple more weeks and see how it goes….

On Monday, we talked about June being Men’s Health Month and discussed the importance of preventive screenings. These preventive screenings aren’t just for men, though. We can all benefit from knowing what’s going on with our bodies.

Remember – knowledge is power. Power to make informed decisions about our healthcare, power to get early treatment if there’s a problem – in short, power to take control of our wellness.

With that in mind, let’s ask ourselves today:

Teal background with white conversation bubble that asks the question, "What preventive screening appointments do I need to make?

I know many of us can’t get, or are not comfortable going in for, routine preventive screenings right now, but it doesn’t hurt to go ahead and be thinking about what we’re going to need when things open back up more. Some places are making appointments for the future now.

My doctor recommended that I have my bone density scan at my Wellness appointment when I went for my annual check-up in March. It was right after we became aware of COVID-19, so I asked if she could do my referral for the Fall. She did, and I already have my appointment for September.

You may be able to request a future appointment as well. It certainly doesn’t hurt to call your doctor and ask.

One of the resources I listed in Monday’s posts,, has a checklist for both men and women that you can use to see what preventive screenings may be recommended for you.

How do you feel about preventive screenings? Do you have any screenings due? If you’re comfortable doing so, please share!



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Teal Background with white conversation bubble that asks, "What preventive screening appointments do I need to make?"


  1. I feel like all my health care had been put on hold for the moment. My issues are chronic, so they are always there, and progress in finding solutions has been slow. One thing I am dreading is my next colonoscopy. The prep for the last one made me very sick. I’m going to have quite a talk with my doctor before I agree to do it again.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Kit! I’m sorry to hear you had such a tough time with the prep for your last colonoscopy. You’d think with all the medical strides they’ve made they’d figure out a less-awful way to prep for them. I hope you’re staying well sweet friend!

  2. Must have to stay as healthy as possible. I have several scheduled out a couple of months. So what’s up with last week’s post? People not used to the change yet? That will take a while and wil possibly take new followers, can’t please everyone. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing Melinda! I’m glad you were able to get your appointments scheduled for the future. I’ve been keeping my monthly OMT appointments because our family practice isn’t seeing anyone who has COVID symptoms, and they had safeguards in place, so I felt comfortable. I have delayed some of my other appointments like the dentist and my bone scan. I’m not sure why last week’s post didn’t have much activity, but I figured I’d give it a couple of weeks and see if it’s a matter of people not being used to it, or whether they just don’t like it. Thanks for your encouragement. Sending hugs your way!

  3. I had to postpone my mammogram in January due to my broken shoulder. I plan on getting it done next month. I should be able to get my arm up high enough by then. I hope.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Kathy! I hope your shoulder is doing much better. I’m sure trying to get your mammogram would have been difficult – sometimes it seems your shoulder is in a position it should never be in when they get you in there…. Blessings to you sweet friend!

  4. Fantastic reminder, Terri! Preventive screenings are definitely an important part of an overall wellness plan. It is something we don’t consider nearly enough. For some, it’s a lack of insurance and finding the low-cost programs can be difficult. Others, it’s a “I’d rather not know,” syndrome.

    Currently, I don’t have any wellness checks scheduled. I’ll admit, in recent years, I’ve misbehaved and not gone when I should have. In the past (for many years), I’ve been badly burned by the medical community and that has made going back difficult at best. Screening saves lives, though. There’s no doubt about it!

    I adore your blog Terri and all the good you’re doing here. I encourage you, please don’t stop! 🙂 Sending all my love to you & yours. ♥

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Holly! I have to confess that I absolutely dread doing my routine appointments, and sometimes I have to have a little prodding from my Hubby to make my appointments. I know how important they are, though, especially with my family history, so I just go ahead and do it…. You make a great point about a lack of insurance or low-cost options being available. I hadn’t thought of that, so thanks for mentioning it. Sending hugs your way!

  5. Actually before this COVID-19 chaos, I had just completed my prostate, colonoscopy and endoscopy exams and passed with flying colors. I also regularly screen my eyes for glaucoma since my family has a history of it. Not too sure what else I do but my doctor usually reminds me and then I happily comply.

    1. Wow, that’s some excellent timing there Mark! I’m glad to hear you got good results too. That’s always a relief, isn’t it? For me, it gives me a level of comfort to know things are going okay in there where I can’t see what’s going on. Blessings to you!

  6. I also have put my health appointments on hold. And I have chronic conditions that keep me home all the time and I don’t want to be exposed to anything at the VA. I had a bone density screening years ago and it was one of the easiest test for me – at the time! I had a mammogram a two years ago and it had a little lump in it so I had to have that biopsied – which I am clear but it was so painful!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Melodie! I think many of us are trying to avoid going in for routine appointments right now. I’m sorry you had to go through the ordeal of having a biopsy, but I’m glad to hear it’s clear. It’s always good to get the all-clear, especially when it comes to cancer screenings. Blessings to you!

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