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WW Question – Am I Moving Enough?

Happy Wednesday everyone! Is it really Wednesday again already? Where does the time go? On Monday we talked about how prolonged sitting and sedentary behavior can negatively affect our health and looked at a few ways we could get more movement into our day.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I absolutely spend waaayyy too much time sitting. It started when I was trying to manage my fibromyalgia pain and found myself taking it easy for a good part of the day.

That worked for awhile, but eventually, the more I sat, the more I hurt.

I’ve had a terrible problem with my hips for several years now. I suspected part of it came from my sitting too much, and it was confirmed when my doctor told me that they often see my kind of hip issues in long-haul truckers.

That really opened my eyes and I realized I had to do something. I slowly started moving more and my hip pain started getting better and better.

BUT THEN last week, I injured my foot, and was back to sitting in order to stay off my foot as much as possible. Guess what’s making me miserable right now…. You guessed it – my behind!

All of that just to say that I know first-hand one of the things sitting too much can do to us. Of course, that’s one of the more minor things. As we talked about on Monday, there are much more serious ones as well.

Even if we’re forced to spend most or all of our time sitting, we can still do things to make sure we’re getting some movement in and lessen the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

This week, let’s ask ourselves:

Teal background with white conversation bubble that reads, "Am I moving enough? If not, what are some things I could do to work more movement into my day?

It seems that just moving around for a couple of minutes every 30 minutes could be enough to counteract the negative effects of all that sitting.

Are there some small things you could do this week to sneak in a few extra minutes of movement? If you’d like to share, we’d love to hear what you come up with!



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  1. I switched to a standing desk a few years ago and it has made a huge difference for me and my lower back pain. Unfortunately, on days when I’m super tired, it’s harder to stand up for long periods. I’ve been noticing hip pain when I get up from sitting for a long time, so I guess I need to get a habit going to get me out of my chair… But I don’t remember to do these things. There must be an app that can remind you, right? I’ll figure something out…

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Kit! It’s great to know that the standing desk has helped so much. I have a breakfast bar in the kitchen which is the perfect height for me to work on. My MacBook has become my primary computer now so that I can easily switch between sitting and standing. Do you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home? I know with my Echo, I can tell it to set a 30-minute timer. The only downside is that I have to tell it again every 30 minutes. 😊 Sending hugs your way!

      1. I have plenty of timers on my phone (that I would have to reset) but I guess that would work. It’s not like I sit all day, just for a few hours at a time, but I always feel it when I get back up.

      2. I know what you mean…. I lose track of time when I’m doing blog work. Sometimes a couple of hours can go by before I know it. After sitting for that long, it’s painful to get moving.

  2. I’m sorry I’m rather behind (no pun intended) on blog posts. I’d hoped to get so, so much done yesterday, then I was very poorly and it was a whole day in bed, lots of throwing up and hoping for at least the eye pain to go away. That was a lot of time sitting/lying and yes, the pain does increase! I’m sorry you’ve injured your foot the other week – how’s it doing now? t’s harder to add in movement at times like that, but it does make us think twice about our slightly better days and how we can do things a little differently to get more movement.

    And I’m sorry you have such hip problems too. I’ve got nerve damage that affects my hips and the pain there, that can be intense like they’re on fire or as aggravating as an itch deep inside, becomes very debilitating. I can’t sit in a regular chair anymore so the past 5 years have been lying down propped up in bed to do everything. I do try to get up fairly regularly (no choice when you need to pee regularly!) and a little stretching when we take breaks to get up can be beneficial too. It all adds up. I hope your foot heals and is as close to pain-free asap if it’s not already. xxxx

    1. Oh Caz, I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling so poorly! You really had a double whammy there with being sick to your stomach and eye pain. I hope you start feeling better soon. Thanks for asking about my foot. It’s still hurting, but at least it’s not broken, and it’s less painful now than it was last week. My doctor took x-rays Tuesday when I went for my OMT. She can’t figure out exactly what’s going on with it, but she referred me to physical therapy. I’m sorry to hear about your hip problem too. I knew you had some problems with your hips, but I didn’t realize just how bad it was. It sounds like you have a good system for getting up regularly to counteract the effects of having to be more sedentary. You may get a chuckle out of this — one of the suggestions I read about breaking up sitting time when I was researching was to drink more water — for exactly the reason you just said! I hope you get to feeling much better soon sweet friend. Sending love and hugs your way!

  3. This is a great post Terri. I had to learn the hard way that you can’t spend all your time in a chair, especially when working. I had a bad bout with sciatica, so I always make it a point to get up and move around.

    1. Thanks so much Mark! Sciatica is no joke. It really can be debilitating, and once you have it, I think most of us would do anything we can not to have it happen again. I’m glad you’ve found a way to make sure you break up your sitting time. Blessings to you and your family dear friend!

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