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WW Question – Self-Talk

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far and that if you were in the path of the hurricane, you all stayed safe. For this week’s Wellness Wednesday, I thought we’d take a look at how we’re talking to ourselves.

On Monday, we talked about how our thoughts turn into our self-talk, and how the way we talk to ourselves can help or harm us. When we let things like ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) just run willy-nilly through our minds they can wreak havoc on us mentally and physically. These unchecked thoughts become our self-talk.

How we talk to ourselves really matters! The thoughts that we entertain over and over can become what we believe about ourselves. If we tell ourselves over and over that we’re weak, we’re a failure, we’re ______________(you fill in the blank), that’s what we’re going to believe.

On the other hand, if we tell ourselves that we’re strong, that although we’ve failed at something, we can use it as a learning experience, etc., we believe that instead.

Because we act on how we feel, we have to filter our thoughts and ‘feed’ our minds a steady diet of things that are helpful to us. As we talked about on Monday, we need to T.H.I.N.K. before we speak to ourselves. When we filter those thoughts some things to ask ourselves are: Is it TRUE? Is it HELPFUL? Is it INSPIRING? Is it NECESSARY? Is it KIND?

This helps us speak more kindly, yet truthfully to ourselves, and empowers us to turn our self-talk into a tool to help us move forward.

This week, let’s ask ourselves:

Teal background with white conversation bubble that reads, "Am I filtering my thoughts or am I believing everything I think? What do I need to change to make sure my self-talk is helpful rather than harmful?

Making sure we capture and process our thoughts can help us improve our self-talk. This can, in turn, help us improve our overall wellness. We already know that our mental health can affect our physical health and vice versa. Why not give our minds a ‘healthy diet’ of helpful information?

How’s your self-talk? Do you ever catch yourself saying things to yourself that you’d never say to others? If so, you’re not alone.

What changes do you want to make to the way you process your thoughts and talk to yourself? If you’re comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear!



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Man looking in the mirror with text overlay: Wellness Wednesday, Ask yourself? Am I filtering my thoughts or am I believing everything I think?


  1. For me it’s always a battle with the negative and the positive. With the negative usually dominating my mind more. But lately, I’ve been trying to be more positive by having simple daily affirmations that slowly build me up. Like for instance, everyday I always say “Never wake up grumpy” or “Make someone laugh today.” The more positivity that I can create the more positive my mindset will be. Love your posts Terri, it always challenges me to work on improving myself!

    1. Thanks for sharing Mark! I know what you mean about the battle between the negative and positive. It seems that a lot of those unfiltered thoughts tend to be negative, but we can often turn them around by processing them and putting them in a more positive light. I like your affirmations – using those daily affirmations can help us focus on what we want to focus on. Thanks so much for your kind words also – I appreciate you my friend! Stay safe and well!

  2. I’ve been around long enough to know my worth and that only comes from others, so I’m either highly talented or surrounded by liars 😂 But my heart goes out to the young and their insecurities/anxieties. We need to give them responsibility with support and encourage everyone to exercise, let’s release those endorphins and create a world of can do 😀

    1. 😂 I’m sure you’re highly talented my friend! You were talking about endorphins, and I “attended” another session this weekend about helping people want to exercise. One key is helping them realize how good the exercise makes you feel while you’re doing it (and directly after, of course). I saw a study somewhere in the last couple of weeks that showed exercise can have the same effect as mood-improvement drugs in some cases. Stay well!

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