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Let’s Talk About Physical Wellness

You know how good can often come from a bad situation? That happened for me this Friday and Saturday. There’s an annual fitness conference I’ve always thought I’d like to go to but haven’t because it’s in California and I live on the east coast. This year, they went virtual due to Covid-19 and I got two full days of education and inspiration!

Since I’ve been immersed in all things nutrition and movement for the last couple of days, I thought this might be a good time for us to talk about the physical dimension of wellness.

Just as a refresher — as we talked about in Wellness for Every Body, where our health, at times, just “is what it is” due to illness or injury, our wellness is something that’s more dynamic. Wellness is active; it’s actually the efforts and choices we make toward improving our health. 

When it comes to our physical wellness, that’s good news, isn’t it? After all, many of us wouldn’t necessarily consider ourselves in good physical shape, but knowing we’re doing things to improve it can help us feel good about our efforts.

Many of us wouldn't necessarily consider ourselves in good physical shape, but knowing we're doing things to improve it can help us feel good about our efforts. #wellness #PhysicalWellness Click To Tweet

So let’s take a look at what physical wellness actually encompasses…

What Is Physical Wellness?

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (1) defines physical wellness as “recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods and sleep.” UC Davis (2) adds, “Physical wellness promotes proper care of our bodies for optimal health and functioning.”

The National Institutes of Health (3) says that, “Watching what you put into your body, how much activity you get, and your weight are important for keeping your body working properly.”

So anything we do that helps us move toward the optimal functioning of our bodies could be included, couldn’t it?

Let’s take a look at some of the things we can do to move toward physical wellness.

How Can We Improve Our Physical Wellness?

Physical activity.

When we talk about physical activity, we’re not talking just about exercise. Physical activity is all the activity we participate in, whether it’s our activities of daily living, doing a little gardening, or just getting outside and playing with our children or pets. Exercise is purposeful movement designed to get our bodies moving and increase our heart rate, build muscle, or improve function.

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Healthy foods.

Although it’s fine to have some of that ‘comfort’ or ‘junk’ food from time to time, we want to be moving toward feeding our bodies foods that are good for them and help them operate as well as possible. Concentrating on real, whole foods that include plenty of vegetables, fruit, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats can help us feel our best.

Proper amounts of sleep.

As we talked about in 11 Tips to Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep, sleep is necessary for proper brain function, it can help us stay healthy physically, and it contributes to good mental health.

Working toward a healthy weight.

Overweight and obesity has been shown to contribute to issues that negatively affect many of our body’s systems. A ‘healthy weight’ will not be the same for everyone. Body composition is the more accurate measure of weight-related health risks. Our society seems to equate ‘thin’ with ‘healthy’, but I can tell you from personal experience that’s not always the case. When I was at my sickest, I was extremely thin. I was what most people considered ‘healthy-looking’ but I could barely get out of bed each day.

A #healthy #weight will not be the same for everyone. Body composition is the more accurate measure of weight-related health risks. #wellness #PhysicalWellness Click To Tweet

Good hygiene.

What I mean here is not only the usual hygiene measures we take, but doing things that keep us from catching the bugs people may be walking around with. These days that includes the Covid-19 protection recommendations from the CDC.

Stress management.

This might not seem, at first glance to fall under the physical dimension of wellness, but studies continue to show how much chronic stress can affect our bodies. Learning to manage our stress can help us keep us healthy not just mentally, but physically also.

Being proactive with our health.

Being proactive with our health can include things like getting preventive screenings, having regular dental visits, and “knowing our numbers” as we talked about in Love Your Heart.

For more tips for taking care of our physical dimension of wellness, check out the National Institutes of Health’s Physical Wellness Toolkit. They have lots of suggestions for taking care of our physical health.

Our physical dimension of wellness encompasses anything that helps us move toward helping our bodies operate optimally. Of course, we may not get to that optimal point, but we can certainly do things to move us in that direction.

What are some of the things you do for your physical wellness? Please share!



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(1) https://samsha.gov

(2) https://shcs.ucdavis.edu/wellness/what-is-wellness

(3) https://www.nih.gov/health-information/physical-wellness-toolkit


  1. This is what I see as the rather twisted but great silver lining with the pandemic – the great inclusion where people can come together and join in wherever they are online. It’s fab you finally got to participate and experience it, even if it was virtual. Fab tips as always but I just wanted to say that I think you make an absolutely excellent point on thin and healthy. The two are not mutually exclusive. I’m sorry you swung into the underweight side when you were particularly sick too. I’m a big fan of being advocates for our own health and proactive in what we do. I wrote a post called ‘know your numbers’ ages ago and it was only the other day that I found it (going through all old posts to improve SEO, which is a very slow process!) and I thought about revamping it to repost soon. You say it all better than I could – “Our physical dimension of wellness encompasses anything that helps us move toward helping our bodies operate optimally.” Another fantastic post! xx

    1. Thanks so much Caz! It really was wonderful to be able to “attend” all those sessions, even if it was just from my family room. I still had that sense of excitement I used to have when I went to other fitness conferences. Kinda weird, huh? I think I remember your Know Your Numbers post – that would be a great one to repost. Sometimes people need to be reminded to set up their appointments to ‘get their numbers’ to begin with. You’re doing the same thing I am; I’ve been going back through my posts and updating for SEO. I have lots of posts that don’t even have any keywords set.😳 I didn’t even know what a keyword was when I first started.😂 I hope you have good luck with getting yours done. Stay safe and well sweet friend. Hugs!

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