Woman standing beside her bicycle in a field of daisies drinking from a water bottle with text overlay: WW Question - Physical Wellness

WW Question – Physical Wellness

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you’re all staying safe and feeling good. How’s your body feeling? Is it operating at its best…..feeling beat up and broken down….or something in between?

On Monday, we talked about Physical Wellness, those things we do that helps us move toward the optimal functioning of our bodies. Wellness in this area doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve reached the optimum; it just means we’re actively working toward it.

As we discussed on Monday, some of the things we can do to improve our physical wellness are physical activity, healthy foods, proper amounts of sleep, working toward a healthy weight, good hygiene, stress management, and being proactive with our health.

Sometimes we can take our bodies for granted. As long as they’re operating as they should, we may forget to be intentional about taking care of them. We work long hours, stop at the drive thru on the way home because we’re too tired to cook, and stay up late in order to get everything done. Does any of this sound familiar?

Physical Wellness means we’re being intentional about taking care of our bodies. This doesn’t mean our physical health is going to be perfect. After all, how many people really have absolutely perfect health? Remember — our goal is progress, not perfection.

This week, let’s ask ourselves:

You may notice that one of the questions asks what we’re already doing well. Sometimes, the things we’re already doing well can give us a jumping-off point for other wellness changes. It also helps us see where we’ve already been successful and help us believe we can make other positive changes.

This week, let’s take a good look at how we’re doing with our physical wellness, but let’s also take some time to appreciate everything our bodies do for us.

Which area of physical wellness do you feel you do the best with? Which area do you feel you could improve? Please share!



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Woman standing beside her bike in a field of daisies drinking from a water bottle with text overlay: WW Question - Physical Wellness


  1. I’m best at going to bed early to unwind so when it’s time to sleep my mind is free. I can relax, get the day out of my head then have a good night’s sleep. That habit is set in stone.

    1. That’s a great habit to have, Melinda! I’m so glad you have a system that helps you get a good night’s sleep, especially since it’s so important for our overall health. Hope you’re staying safe and well sweet friend!

  2. I’m terrible and I’m good at it!
    I drink too much Red Wine and I smoke, a little.
    That’s because I enjoy it.
    I run a lot ( a little less since the Achilles injury but that will go)
    I do Yoga.
    That’s because I enjoy it.
    I do 90 press-ups every day.
    That’s because I enjoy it.
    I love to graft (work hard) even though my sciatica hates it 😂
    So generally I’m full of endorphins.
    I figure that this way I’ll avoid Alzheimer’s
    Life is about what you achieve not how long you live?
    Love your posts and curious of what you make of all that? 😘

    1. Oh Charlie, you’re always so entertaining — but you make some great points here! It sounds like you’ve found your perfect balance between doing the things that keep you healthy and enjoying life to its fullest. The nice thing is that the things you’re enjoying now like running, Yoga, exercise, and working hard are the very things that will probably benefit you later on. And you’ll be happy to know — I “attended” an educational session with Maggie Moon, the author of The Mind Diet, and she says red wine is good for you! (Of course, I think she said 5 ounces a day, but who’s counting?😁) Thanks for sharing. Stay safe and well my friend!

    2. What’s “Run”??… I get tired driving fast! Lol.
      Great that you’re able to do so much physical exercise though…I’m very envious, as I can’t do much at all without major pain & exhaustion. Plus it knocks me for six for several days after.
      All the best 😉

    1. Thanks for sharing Bar! I remember you mentioning you had a problem with that when you were painting your fence earlier this year. It’s hard sometimes to make ourselves stop, even when we’re in pain, when we “just have a little more to go….” Hope you’re staying safe and well sweet friend!

  3. Progress, not perfection – excellent advice, Terri. This month, I have returned to my workout routine after being out for two months due to eczema. I feel what I have lost but slowly regaining strength, endurance, and flexibility. Wishing you are well!

    1. Thanks so much Markus and Micah! I’m so glad you were able to get back to your routine. Hopefully you’ll regain your strength and endurance as you continue your exercise. Hope you guys are staying safe and well, my friends! Blessings to you!

  4. I think I’m good at doing my daily stretches and making sure my joints are warmed up and limber as I tackle my daily grind. I noticed that as I get older, a slight twitch or turn can cause a muscle strain or pain. So I make it a point to do some type of body stretch whenever I take a break from work.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Mark! You make such a great point about small things turning into bigger things as we age. It’s always a nasty little surprise when you do something you’ve always done and suddenly you’ve pulled a muscle…. Staying flexible definitely helps with that. I think you’re smart to do some stretches when you take a break from work. I probably need to adopt that habit too. Stay safe and well my friend!

    1. Thanks for sharing Jennifer, and congratulations on your successes! The physical activity piece of the puzzle can be challenging when we’re in pain all the time. I’m glad you’ve found what works for you. Blessings to you sweet friend!

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