Pitcher and Mason jar glasses filled with lemon and cucumber water with text overlay: WW Question - Making It Easier to Stick to Wellness Goals

WW Question – Making It Easier to Stick to Wellness Goals

Happy Wednesday everyone! On Monday, I gave you all an update on my experience with Hello Fresh. As I mentioned, even though it didn’t ultimately work out for me, I still gained some benefit (and some delicious meals) from it.

The most important benefit for me was that I realized that I really needed a system in place to make it easy for me to eat healthfully.

Like most people, I already know what to eat, and how much and how often to eat. BUT the place that I get tripped up is not planning ahead for all these eating opportunities. Rather than cooking a healthy meal, I may end up having to throw something together or call for takeout. That doesn’t always support my desire to eat things that best support my physical wellness.

That’s where having some sort of system that makes it easy to plan and prepare healthy meals is so important for me. In the past, I’ve just ‘sucked it up’ and gone ahead and done it the old-fashioned way. I made my meal plans, then made my grocery list based on that. Then of course, I just cook the different meals I have planned. This works – mostly – but it’s something I always dread.

Right now, I’m trying a service called emeals that does the meal planning and makes your grocery list for you. That gets rid of the hassle of planning and saves me a couple of hours.

Also as I mentioned in Monday’s post, one of the things I loved about the Hello Fresh meals was that they were curated into those little brown bags. All I had to do was grab the bag and I had everything I needed for that meal.

That sounds like such a small thing, but it was huge for me! I have some plastic refrigerator bins, so this past week, when I got my groceries home, I put all the ingredients for each meal (except the proteins, which I froze) in the bins. Each day, I just thaw my protein, grab the bin for the meal I want to make, and start cooking.

This is just one of those small things that helps me stick to my wellness goals by making it easy to cook a nutritious meal, even on nights when I don’t have a lot of energy.

Do you have any of those “things” that you know would help you stick to your goals but just hate to do it? Maybe it’s nothing to do with food. Perhaps you’re looking for ways to make it easier for you to exercise. Or maybe you want to have a system to improve your financial wellness.

Whatever our wellness goals, there are things we can do or systems we can put in place to make it easier for ourselves.

This week, let’s ask ourselves:

Teal background with white conversation bubble that reads, "What are some things I could do to make it easier to stick to my wellness goals? Are there systems I can put in place to help me be successful?

Taking the time to put some systems in place or come up with small things we can do to make things easier for ourselves can pay big dividends when it comes to sticking to our wellness goals.

What are some of the things you do to make sticking to your wellness goals easier? Do you have any systems in place that work well for you? Please share! Maybe your tips will help the rest of us!



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Pitcher and Mason Jar glasses filled with lemon and cucumber water with text overlay: WW Question - Making It Easier to Stick to Wellness Goals


  1. That sounds like a useful service, Terri. Once we get out of boxes, I’m going to start planning again. Meantime, the best thing we’re doing for wellness is pacing ourselves.

    1. Hey, that’s the best thing you can do right now VJ! When you’re moving, just getting things packed/unpacked, and getting your new home together becomes pretty much the one and only focus, doesn’t it? I hope you’re able to pace yourselves and start enjoying your new home. Sending hugs your way!

  2. Ooo the Emeals service sounds interesting, and I love your meal bin process, that’s such a good idea!
    I’m trying to re-organise things in the home (an ongoing process that never gets very far) so that at some point in the near future hopefully I can start to get back into the things I used to enjoy, to have more time for things when everything is more organised, and to have easily accessible the wellness things that I use. I’ll hopefully have all supplements well organised so I’ll take them each day, the kitchen cupboards and freezer well organised so things are easy to find and assess what else I need to buy. So far I seem to be focused on getting the food in for my parents while I live on snack items like fruit and yoghurt and baked crisps, so I know I need to find ways to eat more/better when I don’t have the energy to do it or ability to stand to cook by the end of the day. I do think that better organisation, so you know things are going to be handy and that you won’t run out without realising it, can make a difference, at least for me. It’s offputting if I think I need to trawl through different places to find things, for instance. xx

    1. Hey Caz, if it helps any, I’ve been organizing my pantry for three months now. I’ve been trying to do a shelf at a time, but I’ll do a shelf one day, then not get back to work on another shelf for two or three weeks. By then, I’ve put new stuff in there so there’s more to go through….I just need to decide I’m going to work on a shelf every day until I have it done. I found a box of gluten-free brownie mix from 2014 in there yesterday! Your plan to get everything organized to make it easier for you sounds great. Having the things you need easily accessible really can make all the difference, can’t it? Wishing you lots of luck with getting things set up sweet friend. Sending lots of love and hugs your way!

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