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WW Question – Wellness or Illness Focus

Happy Wednesday everyone! Can you believe we’re more than a week into September already???!!! This year seems to be flying by! I’m honestly surprised that it seems to be going by so quickly because Hubby and I aren’t nearly as busy (or active) as we were pre-pandemic.

Speaking of that, I just saw a report on the news last night that the average person has gained 12.5 pounds during quarantine. I have to admit that I’ve gained a few pounds myself, and I’m not happy about it.

Because I’m unhappy about my weight gain, it would be easy to allow the focus of my wellness efforts to be negative. On Monday, we talked about whether our wellness efforts are more wellness-focused or more illness-focused. This can be expanded to include whether we’re undertaking them with a positive approach or negative approach.

For instance, when we’re trying to lose weight, are we looking at the process in a positive, wellness-focused way or are we looking at it in a negative, perhaps illness-focused way? Are we telling ourselves, “the process of incorporating the habits that will help me lose weight will also help me improve my overall wellness” (positive focus)? Or are we telling ourselves “if I don’t lose this weight quickly, I’m a failure” (negative focus)? Do you see how our focus can make a difference?

I used the example of weight loss because that’s what I’m working on right now, but it could apply to any area of our wellness. Changing our focus from illness-centered to wellness-centered can make all the difference in how we see our efforts and how successful we’ll be.

This week, let’s ask ourselves:

Teal background with white conversation bubble that reads, "Are my wellness efforts more wellness- or illness-centered? Do I need to change my focus? If so, how can I "flip the script"?

As we talked about on Monday, if we’re wellness focused, there’s a good chance we believe that we have control over at least some aspects of our overall wellness. We know we can’t control the outcomes, but we can control what we put into the process.

When we focus on what we can do to build those positive behaviors that support our wellness, we’re much more likely to ‘stay the course’ even when we don’t see immediate results or experience setbacks.

Have you found that your focus makes a difference in how you feel about your wellness efforts? Has it impacted how successful you were in making changes? Please share!



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Hand holding camera lens looking out over Fall landscape with text overlay: WW Question: Wellness or Illness Focus


  1. It’s hard sometimes with setbacks or roadblocks that threaten the sense of confidence in what we’re doing. Black and white thinking can be really unhelpful here because it’s tempting to say ‘uh, weight gain and I can’t go out and exercise anyway because of the pandemic, so why bother doing anything’. I can’t say I’m surprised about weight gain during this time – I was just talking to my mum about this yesterday as she’s trying to ‘gift’ me some of her clothes that are now too small for her 😂 xx

    1. You’re so right Caz -setbacks and roadblocks really can threaten our sense of confidence. That’s why I find having that wellness focus so important. It helps me focus on the behaviors rather than the results so I can just keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter how I’m feeling about my progress. I’m sure you really appreciated your Mum trying to give you some of her clothes lol. I feel pretty sure your styles may be just a little different….😁Hugs!

  2. Because my way is more illness focus, I’ve learned that eating healthy and exercising is a must in order to keep my illness at bay. But I don’t strictly adhere to it every time, I make it a point to have days where I go back to the old lifestyle because you need that sense of release from what you’re trying to accomplish if that makes any sense. Life is short so you need to let loose once in awhile and enjoy the things that made you happy but keeping in the back of your mind to continue on with your regiment so that you can live a longer life.

    1. It sounds like you’ve found a great balance Mark! Like you said, we have to continue with those things that are good for our health, but there are some days that we just have to cut loose a little! Blessings to you!

  3. I find persistence in the face of a plateau or block works, having the mindset of the longer term lifestyle health gain rather then instant weight loss success is my key 😀

  4. We have tried very hard to stay active. Not easy when you are 7 months in a 2 bedroom cottage. We have also watched what we ate. Getting organic food has been hard, but we have tried to substitute carefully. It is hard to weigh me (paraplegic), but I’m up about 2-4 pounds.

    1. It is hard to stay active when you’re trying to stay away from “the public” isn’t it? I didn’t realize just how much movement I got in just from doing day-to-day errands until we started reducing the amount of time we spent out in public. We still go out for groceries and occasionally other things, but we’re not just going out to get out of the house. As a result, I’m not getting in as many steps unless I purposefully make the effort. I’m sorry to hear getting organic food has been more difficult. We had a problem initially, but our stores here seem to have gotten back to regular levels now. Take care, my friend!

      1. We go early too, and for the same reason. We don’t have to deal with as many people early in the morning. Most people we do encounter are great – doing the things we all need to do to keep everyone safe – but there are a few who are completely inconsiderate. I’m just glad we have so many options for getting the things we need these days.

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