Cut raw vegetables with uncooked pasta with text overlay: WW Question: Do My Food Choices Support My Goals?

WW Question: Do My Food Choices Support My Goals?

Happy Wednesday everyone! If you saw Friday’s blog post, you probably already know we’re going to be giving a little thought to our food choices for this week’s Wellness Wednesday question.

As we talked about on Friday, many of our ‘foods’ sold in grocery stores contain ingredients that our great-grandparents wouldn’t even recognize as food. Now that doesn’t mean that all changes to our foods since our grandparents’ time are bad. For example, the addition of vitamin D to milk and B-vitamins to cereals has helped us avoid deficiencies that used to be common.

It does, however, mean that we want to read the labels on the foods we’re buying to make sure we know what we’re eating. Of course, some of the best foods for us (vegetables and fruit for example) don’t even have labels. Why? Because they don’t need them. We already know what’s in them.

While ideally we would eat all fresh, minimally processed food, I take a little more realistic approach. We live in the real world, and sometimes that’s just not possible. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to take some shortcuts sometimes, especially when time or energy is in short supply. We just need to make sure we’re aware of what we’re eating and not make those ultra-processed foods the cornerstones of our diets.

If we do need to take some shortcuts we can always make them a little healthier by adding in some more nutrient-dense foods.

Remember, we’re working toward better, not perfect.

This week, let’s ask ourselves:

Teal background with white conversation bubble that reads, Do I generally make food choices that support my wellness goals? If not, what's one thing I can do today to move me in the right direction? What do I need to learn more about when it comes to eating well?

We don’t have to eat perfectly all the time in order to improve our wellness, but making sure our food choices generally support our goals can go a long way. Even making small changes can help us make the move toward healthier eating overall.

How easy is it for you to eat well? Do you feel you have specific challenges that make it difficult? What would you like to know more about when it comes to nutrition? Please share!



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Table with cut raw vegetables, pasta, nut butter and spices with text overlay: WW Question: Do My Food Choices Support My Goals?


  1. Yikes, good question & sadly my answer is no! Things have definitely gone off track recently. I don’t have the time, energy or ability to stand up by the end of the day to make proper meals, leading me more to small and manageable snack foods. That said, I do go for lower cal/fat versions and plenty of yoghurt, milk, chocolate (for calories 😉) and fruit. Better pacing could help me get back in to eating at least semi-regular meals again, it’s just a matter of catching up so that I can do that, but alas, that’s where I’m stuck! Definitely something to think about though, which is what I love about your topics and questions because they’re so relevant, relatable and thought-provoking.

    What about you, Terri? Do you think your food choices are supporting your goals? Is there anything you could or would like to do differently? xx

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Caz! You know, I appreciate you talking about the real-life issues you’re dealing with that make eating well difficult. So many people struggle with different things, and they start to feel discouraged because so many in the health and fitness industry lead them to believe they have to eat perfectly all the time. That’s just not real life! Learning to get past the all-or-nothing mentality and doing what we can to make good choices can go a long way in moving us to a more wellness-oriented lifestyle, because it gives us permission not to be ‘perfect.’ I have to say that for the last 10 days, my food choices have only been supporting my goal of avoiding pain and not getting sick. I’ve been on a very bland diet, and I can’t wait to get some fresh veggies back into my meals. Generally, though, I try to eat healthfully while still enjoying the occasional piece of cheesecake.😊 I hope you’re able to get your schedule figured out; I know you’ve been extremely busy lately. Sending hugs!

  2. Awesome subject to highlight, Terri. I agree, ideally we all take the narrow road but we all have to treat ourselves sometimes. I would say we eat generally well, but we love a good dessert. How about you?

    1. Thanks so much Markus + Micah! I definitely agree with treating ourselves sometimes. Diets that are too restrictive just end up keeping us from being able to sustain our healthy eating habits. Giving ourselves a little leeway can help us continue to move forward and not get derailed when we eat something that may not be considered quite as healthy. I hope you guys are staying safe and well in your beautiful corner of the world. Blessings to you!

  3. I loved how you posed that question Terri. I think that our family tries to find ways to eat healthy but in this day and age, we just get things that will be a quick fix for us. I know that’s bad but sometimes when your time is limited, you opt for what’s the quickest and easiest solution to satisfy our hunger. But lately, we’ve taken the time to consciously search for the healthy option knowing that it’ll be better for our health in the long run.

    1. Thank you so much Mark! I know what you mean about buying things that will be a quick fix for us. I think part of that is the feeling that we need to fill up every hour of the day these days. Many of us just don’t feel we have the time to cook meals that are time-consuming, so we pick up something we can cook and eat quickly, or hit the drive-thru on the way home from somewhere. I’m glad you and your family are finding some ways to work some healthier options in. We all have to find what works for us and our schedules, don’t we? Stay safe and well my friend!

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