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WW Question: How Tough Times Impact Us

How do you handle adversity? Do times you’re struggling usually result in a setback, or do you use them as a stepping stone? On Friday, we talked about how those tough times can often result in the most growth. For this Wellness Wednesday’s question, we’re going to take a look at how tough times impact us.

As we talked about on Friday, our struggles can cause us to reevaluate and refocus our priorities, which can help us grow in ways we never thought possible. We can choose to channel our energy and resources toward things that are going to benefit us, and we learn lessons during times of struggle that we might not learn when things are going well.

We’re able to say, “I made it through (you fill in the blank) and now that I’m through it, I’m stronger for it.” This often happens not just in spite of our circumstances, but because of them.

This week, let’s ask ourselves:

Teal background with white conversation bubble that reads: "Do I tend to allow struggles to set me back or do I usually use them as a stepping stone? How have my struggles made me the person I am today? How can I use the lessons learned during tough times as I move forward?

I have to be honest — when I’m going through a struggle, I can have a hard time at first. It may result in a temporary setback, as I sort through what’s going on and how I need to proceed. Sometimes I think we just need to be able to take a minute and process things.

Over the years, though, I’ve learned to look for the lessons. As you’ve probably heard me say many times, I don’t believe God wastes anything that we go through in our lives. He may not take us out of the struggle, but He’ll walk through it with us and use it to teach us.

Looking for those lessons and knowing I’m going to come out the other end wiser, better, or stronger gives me the incentive to keep going.

How about you? Have you experienced growth through the hard times? What are some of the most important lessons struggle has taught you? Please share!



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Bright yellowish-orange flowers growing out of rocky soil, with text overlay: WW Question: How Tough Times Impact Us


  1. My younger, well most of my life has been one big struggle after another. Like you I believe now, that God does teach us thru these hard times. My granny told me when I was young that sometimes we learn the answers and sometimes we don’t. I’ve learned many leassons and have come out the other side okay. Good post.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Mel. I’ve learned part of your story from your blog, and I hope you know how much I admire you. The way you’ve overcome and become stronger through those struggles is nothing short of amazing. I think your Granny hit the nail on the head – there are just some things we’ll never know this side of Heaven. Taking the lessons we’ve learned and using them to move forward is the best thing we can do. Sending lots of love and hugs your way!

      1. Thank you for the kind words, i didn’t even remember you reading my about me page. Of course as you know i can forget a lot. this week my memroy has been good, but it’s Wednesdday. Another appointment and stress makes my memory worse. I can’t say why dince dementia isn’t tied to stress but the brain is. Have a great day.

  2. Another great post Terri, it really makes you think about how we deal with certain situations and what pressure we put on ourselves and do we learn from them. I guess if we have a good memory we remember.

    1. I’m so sorry for the delay in answering Bar. Somehow your comment ended up in my spam folder. I don’t know what happens with WP sometimes… I’m glad the questions made you think. That’s why I started these Wellness Wednesday questions. I think it helps us to really think about how we’re doing in all dimensions of our overall wellness. Hope you’re staying safe and well sweet friend. Sending hugs!

  3. On the surface, I think I handle struggle well. Current situations have caused me to really look at my life and evaluate what I need to nurture myself, and what I can do to eliminate stress. But I think this question deserve deeper reflection. I’ve grown up with chaos and drama – do I cope so well because it is all I’ve known? What would life look like without the constant battle, and how would that be achievable? Oh, you have stirred something, Terri. Hope you are doing well, my friend.

    1. I’m so glad these questions got you thinking VJ! That’s what these Wellness Wednesday questions are all about – to help us really take a look at things and discover how we can, as you said, nurture ourselves. Take care of yourself! Sending hugs your way!

  4. I am who I am because of the hard times God has carried me through & continues. I lean into Him more when hard times come & look to see His blessings in the difficult times. I sit, pray & journal it all out to Him.

    It appears God has a theme happening at the moment Terri as my post today is about this very topic!
    Bless you,

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Jennifer! You know, they say “hindsight is 20/20” and I believe it – when we look back, we can see clearly where God carried us through the difficult times. I look forward to reading your post today. Blessings to you too sweet friend!

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