Mauve background with inspirational words; the word gratitude highlighted above cupped hand, with text overlay: WW Question: What Am I Grateful For?

WW Question: What Am I Grateful For?

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here in the US, tomorrow is the day we celebrate Thanksgiving. Many of us are looking forward to eating all the turkey, stuffing and everything else we can possibly hold. As I type this, I can’t help but think about the lines of people I saw on the news yesterday; people who are just trying to get some food to feed their families; people who are struggling to make ends meet. It breaks my heart and makes me realize just how blessed I am, and how much I have to be grateful for.

When we have years like 2020, it can be difficult to remember all the reasons we have to be thankful, but it can be vitally important to our overall wellness.

On Monday, we talked about how gratitude impacts our wellness. Learning to be grateful can not only improve our physical and psychological health, it can help us make new friends and become more resilient.

I can personally attest to the impact it can have on our psychological health. One day last week, it seemed everything was ‘going wrong.’ It was just one of those days where it was just one thing after another, and I started to feel really anxious. When we went to bed that night, I just couldn’t go to sleep.

After tossing and turning for a couple of hours, I decided to go ahead and get up. As I sat there in the family room I knew I had to do something to keep those worries from circling around in my head. I decided to make a list of all the things I had to be grateful for.

As I listed one thing after another, I started to feel much more calm. I realized that even if the things I was worried about did happen, there was nothing that couldn’t be fixed. I was able to go back to bed and sleep like a baby for the rest of the night.

This week, let’s ask ourselves:

Teal background with white conversation bubble that reads, "What are some of the things I'm grateful for? Is my 'default setting' one of gratitude or do I tend to take things for granted? If I tend to be more on the less-grateful side, what are some things I can do to cultivate an 'attitude of gratitude'?

We know an ‘attitude of gratitude’ can positively impact our overall wellness. Learning to cultivate one, however, can take some time, especially if our circumstances aren’t ideal. If you find it difficult to be grateful right now, I hope you won’t give up on looking for those small things that bring light to our lives.

Have you ever noticed that being grateful improved your wellness in some way? What’s one thing you’re grateful for today? Please share!



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Mauve background with inspirational words; the word gratitude highlighted and cupped in a woman's hand with text overlay: WW Question: What Am I Grateful For?


  1. This is so weird Terri. Just after I posted, I came to your site to read your blog and it’s similar to what I wrote. It’s so sad that once a year we all try to find what we’re thankful for. It’s something that we should do everyday don’t you think. Everyday we wake up, we should give thanks. You know what I mean. Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving…2020 style.

  2. A great question to ponder, Terri. I’m grateful for my bed & blankets, a warm home with central heating in the winter, the ability to afford the basics, my parents, access to the Internet and everything that offers. I’m grateful for the chance to try again, each day.

    I hope you also find some small blessings to bring joy to your heart today  ♄ xx

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Caz! I’m so glad you have some wonderful things to be grateful for. Yesterday, as part of our Thanksgiving celebration, my Hubby and I shared the things we’re thankful for this year. We had a long list of things big and small. Hope you’re doing as well as possible sweet friend. Sending hugs your way!

  3. I grateful for my salvation. For my family and friends. For every day the Lord gives me. For a warm home and good food. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Wanda, and I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, and I’ve meant to text you. I hope y’all are staying safe and doing well. We miss you. Sending lots of love and hugs your way!

  4. Yes, my default setting is gratitude but where loved ones are concerned I can get briefly focused on the circumstance rather then looking at the blessings God has provided within the circumstances.
    Your exercise in the wee hours of the morn Terri is the perfect solution to concerns, worries & anxious thoughts especially when accompanied by prayer. 😀

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Jennifer! Like you, when it comes to family, I can tend to focus on the circumstances, at least initially. After that initial gut reaction, I’m able to look at the bigger picture and see those blessings and learning opportunities. Hope you’re staying safe and well sweet friend! Hugs!

  5. I recently started to write down what I am grateful for and it makes you realise that you actually have a good life and that things always seem worse than they are

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Anna! Like you, I like to write things down. I especially like being able to go back and look at all I have to be thankful for when I’m having a rough time of it. Sending hugs your way!

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