Group of friends with hands in the air, giving one another 'high fives' with text overlay: 5 Reasons to Build a Wellness Support Team

5 Reasons to Build a Wellness Support Team

Have you ever noticed how elite athletes seem to travel with a support team? Depending on their preferred sport, that team may include coaches, equipment managers, and for teams, they usually have their own team doctors. Those of us who are just trying to improve our wellness probably don’t need a team like that, but we could benefit from a Wellness Support Team.

Now I’m not necessarily talking about an official team here. I’m just talking about surrounding ourselves with people who support us in taking care of ourselves and living the healthy lifestyle we want to live. Of course, we Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, and Nutritionists may also be part of that team.

As we talked about in The Importance of Connection, forming and maintaining strong social ties can help us in quite a few ways. But those same close connections can sabotage our efforts if we’re not careful. For example, the person who keeps bringing the foods you love into the house when you’re trying not to eat them….

Having people in your life who will support your wellness efforts can help in quite a few ways.

The Benefits of Building a Wellness Support Team

  1. Having a support team can help you keep going when the going gets tough. As I’m sure you already know, trying to improve areas of our wellness can be hard to stick with. We get tired, or bored, or life just gets in the way sometimes. Having someone come alongside us can keep us putting one foot in front of the other even when we don’t really feel like it.
  2. Having social support can help us handle stress better. I recently read an article in PubMed (1) that referenced a study that found, “Overall, it appears that positive social support of high quality can enhance resilience to stress, help protect against developing trauma-related psychopathology, decrease the functional consequences of trauma-induced disorders, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and reduce medical morbidity and mortality.”
  3. Having friends ‘along for the ride’ can make things a lot more fun. Whether it’s having company on a walk, doing a group fitness class, or cooking a healthy meal, sharing it with someone else can make you enjoy it more.
  4. Your team can hold you accountable. Have you ever noticed when people are depending on you, you’ll make sure you don’t let them down? Sometimes just knowing someone is rooting for us gives us accountability. We don’t want to let them down, so we make sure we do what we said we would.
  5. It can help you be more successful long-term. That’s because when you’ve surrounded yourself with people who support your wellness goals (and may even have their own) you’re much more likely to continue this healthy lifestyle long-term.

When we’re making wellness changes or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to talk with our family and friends. They may not know how to help. If we take the time to explain what we need, it’s easier for them to give us the support we need. And just think — you may become each other’s Wellness Support Team.

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Do you have a Wellness Support Team? Have you found them to be helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle or forming new healthy habits? Please share!



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Group of people with hands raised giving one another 'high fives' with text overlay: 5 Reasons to Build a Wellness Support Team



  1. You hit the mark on this one Terri. Having a support team around you, like your family or friends, just makes everything more fun. You push one another to challenge yourselves and it’s just encouraging to be doing it with familiar faces around you. It makes whatever you have to face more bearable.

    1. Thanks so much Mark! Having that social support when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle can really make all the difference. Like you said, it can make things more fun and encouraging. Stay safe and well my friend!

    1. I agree Dorothy! Although I live with one member of my team (my Hubby), it sure would be nice to get together with the rest of them in person. 😊 I hope you’re staying safe and well sweet friend!

    1. Thanks so much VJ! I know exactly where you’re coming from…. I tend to be fiercely independent, but I’m learning to accept the fact that I can’t do everything, and take the help if I need it. Sometimes, though, just having someone that’s trying to accomplish the same type of thing you are can be an encouragement. Hope you’re doing as well as possible sweet friend. Hugs!

  2. Such a great aspect to consider. I think others can make us feel more supported and motivated, are a way to hold ourselves accountable like you say, and can make that ride more enjoyable. It’s not always easy to admit to wanting or needing others, but it can make a pivotal difference. xx

    1. Thanks so much Caz! I agree it’s not always easy to admit that we need others, but having those connections with others is so vital to our overall wellness. I hope you’re feeling better than you were sweet friend. Sending hugs your way!

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