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I’m Moving My Posting Day to Fridays

Hi friends, and happy Wednesday! As many of you know, I took a rather long break recently. It was great, but I seem to be having trouble getting back into the blogging “groove.” I just can’t seem to get a blog post done by Wednesday anymore.

I’m not sure if it’s a timing issue or it’s just because I’m busier this time of year. I do know that I spend most of my weekend away from the computer. That means I don’t work on my posts at all for those two days. I’ve decided to move my posting day to Friday in the hope that it’ll give me a couple more consecutive working days each week.

Sometimes we have to make adjustments to accommodate new work schedules, family obligations, or even our own energy fluctuations. For me, it’s changing my posting day, but this can apply to so many areas of our lives. Sometimes being too rigid with our schedules can cause stress that we just don’t need. Finding a way to make our schedules work for us can help reduce stress and even allow us to be more productive.

Thanks for your patience with me. I hope to see you on Friday!




  1. Terri, give yourself a BIG break, don’t set a posting day for others to expect. Set your own goal but don’t have others expecting, it’s mush less stressful that way. Just a thougt. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the advice Mel! Sometimes I have to tell others so I have some external accountability. Otherwise I might just keep kicking it down the road.😊 I’m the world’s greatest procrastinator…. Hope you’re doing well sweet friend. Hugs!

      1. I understand, just don’t pressure yourself out of blogging. If you don’t blog on week, who cares!!!! IT’s your life and you want ot live it. If you can get out and enjoy the world or g=family then that’s the most importnat thing in the world. We aren’t going to look back and the pearly gates and say we wished we would have blogged more. Hugs. 🙂

      2. You’re so right Mel! Spending time with family definitely is more important than anything else I might do. Part of our busy-ness lately has been due to twice-weekly appointments to take our doggy to have laser treatments for his hips and knees. He’s 12 years old, has two torn ACL’s, and we’re just trying to help him have less pain and more quality of life. I hope you’re getting some answers and a plan for a way forward with your newer diagnoses…. Sending hugs your way sweet friend!

  2. You should never feel you have to write a post Terri, it should be something therapeutic and something you enjoy. We will all still be here when you feel like posting it. xx

    1. Thank you so much Bar! I actually enjoy sharing what I’m learning here, but I’ve found that once I get out of the habit (like when I’ve had a break) it’s really hard to get back to it. And it seems like we’ve been SO BUSY this past couple of months, though I’m not sure I’ve gotten very much done.😁 I hope you’re doing well sweet friend. Sending hugs your way!

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