Blue tie, ribbon, and stethoscope on wooden surface with text overlay: June Is International Men's Health Month

June Is international Men’s Health Month

My Hubby and I have an ongoing ‘argument’ about who has to die first…. I know — morbid, right? Actually, we each say we have to be the first to go, because we don’t want to have to live without the other one. Unfortunately, statistics aren’t on my side for winning that argument…

Did you know that “men are dying an average of 5 years younger than women and lead 9 out of 10 of the top causes of death”? (1) That’s what makes Men’s Health Month so important.

Copy of International Men's Health Month Banner from International Men's Health Month

To help remind men of the importance of taking care of their health, the month of June has been designated as Men’s Health Month. According to (2),

The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. This month gives health care providers, public policy makers, the media, and individuals an opportunity to encourage men and boys to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury.”

In addition to Men’s Health Month, June 14th through the 20th is Men’s Health Week. During this focus week, let’s give the men in our lives some love, even if it has to be a little tough love. You see, in general, men don’t see a doctor for a routine physical exam as often as women do. Sometimes, they may need a little nudge to encourage them to make those appointments.

Men, if you haven’t done so lately, now would be a good time to review your health. Have you seen your Primary Care Provider in the last year? Have you had a physical this year? Do you know your heart health numbers? Do you have any preventive screenings due?

Preventive Health Screenings for Men

You may have heard that old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Preventive screenings can help us catch problems early and make adjustments to our lifestyles if we need to.

Also, as we talked about in Is Your Chronic Illness Hiding a Problem, the earlier the doctors catch potential issues, the more treatment options we have and often, the less invasive those treatment options have to be.

So what kind of preventive screenings to men need to have?

I found several resources that talk about the different types of screening you may need, based on your age. I hope you’ll take a look at them and determine if you need to have any of these screenings done. – WOMEN, there’s a checklist here for you too!

How Can We Support Men’s Health Month?

In addition to encouraging the men in our lives to take care of their health, we can help raise awareness on Social Media. has an entire Social Media toolkit we can use. It has graphics and suggested posts we can share with all our friends.

Picture of the Wear Blue Day poster from Men's Health Network

We can also participate in Wear Blue Day on June 18th. This is an awareness campaign created by Men’s Health Network. The goal is “to raise awareness about the importance of male health and to encourage men to live longer and healthier lives, and give women an opportunity to encourge them to do so. Many people take advantage of less stringent work attire to show their support of men’s health by wearing blue.” (3)

We often see information on Women and Children’s Health, but it seems we don’t place as much emphasis on Men’s Health. It’s time for that to change. Let’s start with International Men’s Health Month.

As we talked about earlier, men generally have a shorter lifespan, yet they are much less likely to get their preventive screenings. These screenings save lives. I know many of us (including me) would rather do almost anything else, but these check-ups really are vital.

Gentlemen, are you proactive with your health and wellbeing? How do you make sure you’re taking care of yourself? Ladies, how do you support the wellness efforts of the men in your life? Please share!


~ Terri


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    1. That’s not very helpful, is it? I think I kind of tend to do that too, even though I know it’s really important for the doctor to know what’s going on. I think I just attribute a lot of my “weird” things that go on in my body to fibromyalgia and think to myself, “well, I won’t waste her time with that.” Hopefully your hubby will get better about sharing what’s going on with his doctor. Sending hugs your way!

  1. Men’s health can be a contentious issue for many couples. Happy to say after a bout of cancer, triple by-pass surgery, near miss with a stroke, and umpteem other surgeries, my husband is finally looking after himself, lol. And I need a drink.

    1. Better late than never, I guess, huh? 😁 I’m glad your dear Hubby is taking care of himself. I hope he’s continuing to heal well, and that you’re taking care of yourself as well, sweet friend. Sending hugs your way!

      1. Thanks Terri. I’m backing off some of my posting – body needs a rest. Ric is scheduled for a consult on the 15th to discuss replacing the other knee now. Life, eh!

      2. I hope you’re able to get the rest you need. You’ve had a LOT on your plate lately. I hope Ric’s consult goes well. I know it must be a little stress-inducing to think about it after the last one. Take care of yourself sweet friend. Hugs.

  2. My wife and I feel the same as you. Neither of us wants to be the second one to depart.
    With my autoimmune issues I am pretty much in tune with my neurologist and nurse practitioner. I’d like to mention something overlooked entirely in men’s health, male breast cancer.
    A friend died of male breast cancer. There are no routine screenings of any form for men. We learned then that the disease is actually common amongst men and can usually be treated if found early. Here’s the saddest part: these are usually reported on death certificates as lung cancer in order not to embarrass the man.
    Thanks for bring up the topic of men’s health and letting me add to it. – George

    1. Thank you so much for bringing the issue of men’s breast cancer to our attention George! Many people don’t even realize that men can (and do) get breast cancer. It’s so important for men to be in tune with their bodies so they notice any changes that need to be examined further. Again, thanks for sharing this – it could save a life. Hope you and Sandy are doing well. Blessings to you!

  3. I guess as we age, we realize how important it is to take care of our health. Thought I was invincible at 18 unloading stock trucks and not following the best lifting practices or trying to keep up with others. Thank you for the reminder and the links to checklists. Like you and others who commented, my hubby and I have the same conversation about who is probably dying first. Whatever days we have left, we want to feel well enough to enjoy our time together and with family and friends. Thank you for all this information and great reminders.

    1. Thanks for sharing Sarah! I definitely think what you said is true for me – that “as we age, we realize how important it is to take care of our health.” Although I was into ‘fitness’ when I was younger, I definitely wasn’t that concerned about my overall wellness. As I grow older, I realize just how important it is to be proactive with my health and protective of all dimensions of my wellness. Sending hugs your way!

  4. Great reminders Terri! Thanks for sharing this. I try, but probably not my very best.

    1. Thanks so much Tim! I suspect most of us have room for improvement when it comes to making our health a priority, but as long as we keep trying we’re on the right track. Blessings to you!

  5. Hey Honey – your “hubby’ here :o). Who “goes first” is definitely my least favorite conversation to have with you, and although when we do have it it’s ALWAYS in jest – like our ongoing “argument” about which of us loves the other more (it’s me, by-the-way :o)) – it keeps me mindful to lean into my health as a means of helping to prolong my life, and that in order to maximize my time with you here on earth. So for me, paying attention to the recommended screenings as I “mature” – I mean, who’s ever been “excited” about being examined like a miner searching for coal – as well as being purposeful in scheduling my annual well-baby and men’s health checks, is actually an act of love from me to you, just like I know you staying on top of your health is an act of love from you to me. You see, just as “our song” says, because I DO LOVE YOU “Truly Madly Deeply”, I want to be everything that you need. But the truth is that I cannot do that unless I continue to share this incredible life that I have with you, and so I stay on top of my health – not for me, but for you.

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