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Welcome! Thanks for visiting Reclaiming HOPE, Wellness for Every Body – I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Terri, and I’m here to help. I’m a child of God, a wife, mom, Air Force Veteran, and certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach. Ever since I got my first Personal Training certification in 1994 (while I was still in the Air Force) I’ve had a passion for wellness.

My body, however, had other ideas….. After a couple of years of strange symptoms and severe pain, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Suddenly all of my energy went into managing symptoms and my overall wellness was forgotten. I was doing fairly well keeping my symptoms under control, but my overall health was steadily declining.

I had basically given up on wellness.

One day, I started thinking about how I would feel in 10 or 20 years if I continued down this path. I knew things had to change. I had to get back to being intentional about my health and overall wellness.

Have you ever been there? Has life gotten in the way of your wellness?

Perhaps you’ve been dealing with a chronic illness or a packed schedule that doesn’t allow much time for health. You may just be too tired to give it much thought. Maybe you’re doing okay, but you want to improve your overall wellness.

Whatever your starting point, I’m here to walk beside you as you work to improve your wellness and make the most of the rest of your life.

Wellness isn’t all about being free from illness. It’s actually a process –  “the process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.” (UC Davis)

Here at Reclaiming HOPE you’ll find information about all things wellness, tips to help you take steps toward a healthier lifestyle, healthy recipes, and hopefully, have a little fun while you’re at it. Our wellness is serious business, but that doesn’t mean working to improve it has to be drudgery.

Everyone is welcome here – I believe we are all equally created and loved by God, in His image – and are deserving of love and respect. Whoever you are or whatever your story is, when you walk through my proverbial ‘door,’ you become family, and that’s the way you’ll be treated. So open the door and come on in!

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